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Open: daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

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Are you overwhelmed by all choices and do you want a good decent breakfast? We provide you with three choices, all served with orange juice and a coffee or tea.

Do you have an I-Amsterdam card? With an I-Amsterdam card you get 25% discount on all the pancakes in the breakfast menu.


3 in the Pan & Strawberry Jam 

Enjoy three small pancakes filled with apple and raisins


Plain Dutch Pancake, Yoghurt & Fruit 

Start your day with some vitamins and freshness, by having a plain pancake, topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit.


American Pancakes, Bacon & Maple Syrup 

Want to eat, talk and act like a real American on Dutch ground? Get yourself a pile of American pancakes, bacon stripes and maple syrup.

Our favourite Dutch Pancakes

At Pancakes Amsterdam, all Dutch pancakes are made with fair-trade buckwheat flour, real eggs, biological milk and our ‘secret ingredient’. The assortment of pancakes varies from simple traditional pancakes to very luxurious ones with special cheeses or fresh vegetables. For the creative ones: you can also create-your-own pancake!

Moreover, gluten free Dutch pancakes and lactose free Dutch pancakes are available at all our locations. Preparing them might take a little time, which means extra quality time with each other!

Traditional Pancakes

Ham & Cheese Pancake 

For an authentic Dutch pancake experience try the pancake with Ham and grated Dutch cheese. Don’t forget about the ‘stroop’ for the finishing touch.


Bacon & Cheese  Pancake 

For the real savoury lovers the traditional Dutch pancake with crispy bacon stripes and Dutch grated cheese is a must try!


Bacon & Apple Pancake 

The fresh bite of an apple in combination with the salty crispy bacon is a true delicacy on your pancake.


Apple & Cheese Pancake

Try our new traditional pancake with Dutch grated cheese and Jonagold apples, and melt away by the great combination of sweet and salt.


Kids pancake

We created a true kids pancake dream for our little guests: a traditional Dutch pancake with jam, raisin, chocolate sprinkles and fresh fruit.


Lemon & Sugar Pancake

This traditional pancake features white sugar and fresh lemon as a delicious topping. One of the simplest, but most delicious combinations to enjoy your pancake.


Apple & Calvados Pancake 

The combination of Apple, almonds, calvados (apple brandy), and cinnamon is like Christmas in a pancake. A true present.


Banana & Chocolate Pancake 

Ripe banana in combination with famous Belgian chocolate and almonds gives a light sweetness and a delicious body.


Apple Crumble Pancake 

Experience the great combination of an apple pie, vanilla ice cream and a touch of cinnamon on a traditional Dutch Pancake.


Pear & yoghurt Pancake 

Warmly served with a home-made blueberry sauce, the baked pear together with the fresh taste of yoghurt is like an autumn dream.

Savoury Pancakes

Bacon & Banana Pancake 

This savoury pancakes makes a brilliant brunch or excellent supper. With little slices of banana, crispy bacon and a finishing touch of chilli pepper.


Goat Cheese Pancake 

A true favourite of many people. The pancake with goat cheese, spinach, pine nuts and a touch of garlic oil form a glorious partnership on your pancake.


Camembert & Ham Pancake

The combination of creamy camembert, chicory, ham and the sweetness of the raspberry is a true unique formula that you can only find at Pancakes Amsterdam. Do you dare to try?


Smoked Chicken Pancake

Served with slices of zucchini and tomato this savoury smoked chicken pancake is mouth watering.


VEGGIE Pancake

This pancake will provide you with your daily dose of vegetables. With a mix of zucchini, spinach, onion, paprika and pesto this pancake is a true healthy bite.


Paprika, Mushroom & Bacon

Crispy bacon, Dutch grated cheese, together with paprika and mushrooms gives that extra flavour twist.


Smoked Salmon

Fish on a pancake? Yes we can! This amazing combination of smoked salmon, crème fraîche, guacamole and chives is a true eye opener.


Create-your-own Dutch Pancake

For the creative ones with us, Pancakes Amsterdam enables you to create your own pancake with all sorts of toppings.

Whipped cream / strawberry jam / ice cream / raisins

Chocolate sauce / maple syrup

Raspberry sauce / blueberry sauce

Mushroom / onion / spinach / paprika / zucchini

Tomato / apple / banana / bacon / ham

Dutch cheese / camembert / goat cheese

Pesto / almonds / candied ginger / crème fraîche

Guacamole / smoked chicken / strawberries

Smoked salmon

American Pancakes

Our American Pancakes are tasty, thick but light and fluffy US classics with a Dutch touch. Whether eaten plain or combined with fruit or anything you can imagine, these American Pancakes are perfect for every moment of the day. Are you hungry already?


AP Maple Syrup

Get yourself a pile of Pancakes served with a drizzle of Canadian maple syrup. A real olden goldy to start your day with.


AP Bacon & Maple Syrup

These American Pancakes are the quintessential American breakfast, served with strips of crispy bacon and a lashing of maple syrup.


AP Bacon, Banana & Maple Syrup

Traditional American Pancakes recipe with a little touch of sweetness. With slices of banana together with the salty taste of bacon and maple syrup this pile of pancakes leaves you wanting more.


AP Chocolate Sauce

Three American Pancakes drizzled with a wicked premium Belgium chocolate sauce is one of our guests favourite.


AP Banana, Chocolate & Almonds

Is there something better than the combination of Banana and Chocolate? Yes! American Pancakes with banana, chocolate sauce and almonds. A real dream coming true on a plate.


AP Banana, Blueberry Sauce & Ice Cream

These American Pancakes are bursting with blueberry goodness. Three pancakes are served with slices of banana and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


AP Coconut Chips & Chocolate Sauce

This delicious recipe takes you in the tropical spheres, its combines the sweet flavour of Belgium Chocolate with the healthy coconut chips


Whipped Cream / Ice Cream (extra per ingredient)

Enhance your pancakes experience by adding extra toppings for the finishing touch: by adding whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.


Pancake of the month – Varies

Check our blog to see the new pancake of the month!